A-Z Drawing Project (or How I kept sane during an insane time)

It’s been a while since I posted, and long story short, I was between homes thanks to a sewerage pipe bursting in the unit above and leaking into my unit. All sorted now, two months, and a lot of issues and headaches later.

Today’s post though is about projects. During my month in a hotel, I had very little to do, and without my pc or even my tablet and with just very basic cable channels (basically the only watchable ones were Arena, Showcase and MusicMax), I needed something to keep me sane, so I started (and for once) completed a project, an A-Z of things.

The basics of the project was to fill an A5 page with things that started with that letter of the alphabet, and complete a page per night I was out of a home. I literally got a home 3 days after finishing Z, but I got confirmation of my application being accepted the night after doing Z, so I counted that as victory, and didn’t do anything extending that project.

The importance of projects are ten fold:

1) satisfaction of completion

2) practice of your craft

3) learning more about things you base your project on (I’d never even heard of most of the things that make up my X page before)

4) perseverance, even if you’re having an awful day, or you’re over everything, learning to push through on those days

5) shareability, sometimes sharing something, even if it isn’t perfect or not what you feel is your best work will bring you some really supportive feedback and encouragement, plus it gives back to those who follow you in whatever format that may be

6) fun, not everything has to be a grand ol’ piece of art or super serious, sometimes you can have a bit of fun, sneak something a bit risque in there for people to find, or put your favourite character in there, a hobby isn’t meant to be 100% work, it’s meant to bring you joy too

7) express yourself, some of the pages are of happier images, some not so much, why? because I’m not always Mary Sunshine skipping around the forests, patting the woodland creatures and singing about happiness and love, and that’s okay, just express your feelings and get them out in any way you can

8) exploring new techniques and ideas, sometimes when you have a theme or a continuous thought to follow in a project it can make you have to try new things to get the outcome how you want it to be; a new drawing style, a new way to approach laying out the page etc

9) routine, a project makes you set yourself a bit of a routine, maybe you want to draw everyday but sometimes feel stuck, having a defined project, with a theme or idea or style might help narrow down what and how you approach your day’s output

10) satisfaction, sometimes just saying that you did something can bring you satisfaction, or one little part of the entire project is something you’re super happy with and satisfied with the outcome of.

So, here’s my A-Z project:

Personal highlights: Kermit (amphibian), alpaca and the balls.

Personal highlights: cthulhu, the rude items in both pics, the demon head.

Personal highlights: Thomas the tank (engine), the shit (emoji), Peter Griffin (Family guy).

Personal highlights: Goat, Hey Arnold, hockey mask and the ham.

Personal highlights: Iguana (was so happy with how he turned out), Jigglypuff, Jack Skellington, the shark (Jaws) and the jalapenos. Up to this point I was my favourite page.

Personal highlights: Koi fish, kangaroo, keg, kung fu stick men (probably my favourite filler on any of the pages), Luigi, lobster, log and dinosaur leg. K took over as my favourite page.

Personal highlights: Meep (the hairy dude with a big nose and legs, from Quest for Glory PC game), meerkat with a mohawk, woolly mammoth, mop, Ned Flanders, narwhal and ninja turtle (it’s Michelangelo).

Personal highlights: Otter, octopus, owlbear (my first owlbear drawing), orchid, origami crane, ocarina, oranges – well the entirety of O actually I was quite happy with, panda, parrot and actually I was pretty happy with everything on P too.

Personal highlights: Queen of Hearts (from Alice in Wonderland, Disney animated version), racoon, Rataxes (from Babar).

Personal highlights: Sailor Moon, sorting hat, sushi go! piece of sushi, Tony Tiger (he’s grrrrrreat!), Toucan Sam, Toadie, Gobbles! (the turkey from South Park) and T-Rex.

Personal highlights: Uzi, Darth Vader, vulture, viking.

Personal highlights: walrus, wolf, Wigglytuff, Winnie the Pooh, Wally, the fact I filled a page with things starting with X.

Personal highlights: Yok-yok (from a kid’s book we had growing up), Yak, yawn (yeah, I did too typing it), Yeti, Zim.


All of these were hand drawn in pencil then inked over with a sharpie, then the pencil outlines erased. Most pages took 1-3 hours depending on how long it took me to get things to look right, or find a better reference picture. Generally I tried to put on as many things drawn from memory as possible, then went to Google to help me with specific/more complex reference pictures.

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