My name is Lyssa (liss-sah) and I draw stuff. I enjoy creating doodle art pages, drawing characters and things from some of my favourite games (Baldur’s Gate, Commander Keen, Mortal Kombat etc), and even creating the odd Excel based design. I work mostly in Illustrator, or will first sketch out my idea, then scan it in. But also like to play with the odd Photoshop image too. A lot of the stuff here is me practicing, trying out something new, or just working on a personal project or three.

During the week I’m an Analyst, and basically live in Excel creating convoluted formulas and a multitude of vlookups. I enjoy sharing my love of Excel with others and am often the person who helps train others in Microsoft products in the teams I work.

This site is a culmination of my desire to share my experiences as I journey on my creative pathway, to interact with other creatives around the world, and maybe shamelessly self promote a few things from time to time.

Thanks for stopping by, checking things out, and hopefully contributing/following.

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