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No, this isn’t an existential question. To sum me up – I’m a designer from Brisbane, Australia. I love illustrations, gaming, eclectic music and dinosaurs. This is my site with insights into my creative outputs, tips and advice from my experiences freelancing, and info of how I use various design programs and tools. Follow along…

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A-Z Drawing Project (or How I kept sane during an insane time)

It’s been a while since I posted, and long story short, I was between homes thanks to a sewerage pipe bursting in the unit above and leaking into my unit. All sorted now, two months, and a lot of issues and headaches later.

Today’s post though is about projects. During my month in a hotel, I had very little to do, and without my pc or even my tablet and with just very basic cable channels (basically the only watchable ones were Arena, Showcase and MusicMax), I needed something to keep me sane, so I started (and for once) completed a project, an A-Z of things.

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Everything You Create Is Great (language warning)

Everything you create has taken time, effort, possibly sweat, blood and tears too, and regardless of how you feel about the end result, it deserves recognition of the little piece of you that birthed it. (I may be repeating myself, but it kinda needs to be repeated, especially to myself.)

And sometimes whilst things don’t turn out how you thought or hoped, you sorta like them all the same.

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Youtube Tutorials – Daffodils by TheFrugralCrafter

I find myself often looking for different formats, different teachers, different tutorials to try new things. Sure you could just go in and have a crack, but it’s nice to learn some basic techniques and understanding of what you’re about to tackle.

I watched some videos on Youtube recently on using water colour pencils and I really liked what Lindsay Weirich, aka The Frugal Crafter did. So once I got the right paper for water colours, I decided to give her daffodils video a go myself.

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Red Bubble – Purchasing Your Own Designs

In College we were given a brief to design our own debut album cover (apparently we were all awesome, all fantastic musicians and deserving of albums), I chose to do a doom metal inspired cover.

On the day, I was busy helping some classmates with how to do masks in Photoshop and I left myself very little time to actually complete my own design. I showed it to my dad anyway and he liked it, so when I had some free time recently, I redid the design and decided as his birthday was coming up, I’d throw it on a t-shirt and get one printed up for him.

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Inspired by Doodle Art

I love looking at doodle art pictures, and always convince myself I can’t do that, they must knock it out in mere minutes, and they probably all just put ink direct to paper and it’s perfect.

I have started a number of sketch pad pages with the intent to put something doodle artish on there, but 1 of 2 things usually happens – I have zero inspiration left in me as I’m too tired from work, or I rush it to finish it as I hate what I’m doing.

Being on leave for a week and a bit finally gave me some breathing space and I’ve done a bit of work I like. Even more, I got a doodle art page together that I like. It’s not the interconnecting type, but it’s still something I’m pretty happy with.

And best of all, it started with a drawing of a knife, a sword and an axe.

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Trying Something New – Water Colour Pencils

I’m always so impressed when I see people who can use water colours, it’s like magic to me. Every time I try, it’s a wet scrumpled mess of dirty grey and failure.

For some time now I’ve really wanted to try water colour pencils, as I thought I may have more success, more control. I went to Officeworks and bought two sets – J. Burrows 24 pack ($20) and Derwent 24 pack ($35). I watched a few youtube videos for a guide:



Then I got fed up with thinking about it, and just went into my office and got to it.

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